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Who We Are ?
We are Imagination enablers & obsessive Innovators working in Phygital spaces for forward facilitation of real estate brands.
Sparrow is a flock of storytellers, creative thinkers and dogged innovators. We believe stories outlast a good payday, and are the only thing that can have lasting impact. Which is why we believe in pursuing methods that break free from tradition. To build new ideas, we embrace technological shifts, believe in pioneering new frontiers and root everything we work upon, in creativity.
Our Milestones
  1. Our tryst with Real Estate Started in 1998 with Multimedia Presentations. In 2003 we chanced upon working on a 3D Animation and destiny would have it, set us on the course to becoming the undisputed leaders and pioneers of a young, raw space.
  2. We introduced Photorealism to Architectural 3D. As a result, suddenly functional and dull animations started to look life-like We started this trend that ultimately everyone else followed.
  3. We deployed India’s Very First Stereoscopic Animation for a Real Estate company giving viewers an Absolute Cinematic Experience. Not just this we were First to introduce Chroma characters in 3d Animations  that brought the league of Architectural Films.
  4. We started creating Physical Scale Models and with our first attempt created one of the finest and smartest scale models the country had ever seen. We have since innovated extensively making our models both interactive and authentic.
  5. We took Experiential to a whole new level with Holographic Imagery, Multi touch Environments and Immersive Curved Screen Displays. With a all-round resounding response from developers we paved the way for the age of experiential marketing.
  6. Curved Screen viewing installations being our strength we introduced country’s very First 5D Environment with Larger than Life Curved Display Viewing 
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